Digital Archives Access

Salman Rushdie Born-Digital Kiosk:

MARBL provides access to the processed portions of Salman Rushdie’s digital archive inside the Reading Room via a dedicated researcher workstation that provides access to files that can be searched and browsed, as well as to an emulation of the original computing environment. As collections are processed, both those within the Rushdie archive and other unprocessed born-digital collections, they will also be available in the reading room. When copyright and intellectual property rights allow, MARBL plans to provide broader access to its born-digital holdings.

Audio/Visual Kiosk:

MARBL provides researchers with access to audio and visual files from the Library’s collections on a computer kiosk located in the reading room. All audio-visual materials must be digitized prior to use by researchers, and digitized files may only be accessed on the kiosk. Files are not available via the Internet. As new audio and visual materials are digitized, they are added to the kiosk. MARBL’s finding aids indicate whether items have been digitized.

If you are interested in an item that has not been digitized, please email to request that the item be added to the kiosk. MARBL requires that researchers give the Library at least two weeks’ notice when requesting access to files that have not been previously digitized. Please note that some types of materials cannot be digitized in-house, and digitization of these materials requires additional time.