Digital Archives

MARBL's Digital Archives encompasses a broad range of initiatives within the library, including born-digital collections, digitization projects, access tools and services for digital collections, and digital asset management for MARBL collections. With its primary focus on born-digital collections, the Digital Archives program supports all MARBL collecting areas by enabling the acquisition, processing, and preservation of born-digital content as well as exploring effective ways to provide access to digital and hybrid collections.

The Digital Archives team is currently processing the born-digital collections of:

These processed collections should be available to researchers by fall of 2014.

Currently the only collection with born-digital material open to researchers is the Rushdie papers. An emulation of one of his computers, a Macintosh Performa 5400, and individual files from that computer can be accessed on a dedicated workstation in the MARBL reading room. The remainder of Rushdie’s digital material will be available by the spring of 2014.

More information about using the Rushdie workstation can be found on the Digital Archives access page.